Should I raise my kids bilingually?

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Should I raise my kids bilingually?

Should I raise my kids bilingually?

As one in four Australians is now born outside of Australia, many children are growing up with other languages spoken at home. Should parents speak to their child in their first language, or attempt to speak to them in English?

Bilingualism (or multilingualism) is the norm around the world. In many countries children grow up speaking two, if not three or more languages. Thus, we know it is possible to learn more than one language from a young age.

We also know that children are much better at learning another language than adults. It is entirely possible to develop “native speaker” abilities in another language if it is learnt before puberty or, better yet, before the age of seven.

The full article was published on 31 March 2014 at The Conversation. Read it here:

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