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What is a Kids Language Club?

We want to:

  • encourage and support children in speaking, understanding and maintaining other languages than English as their family language.
  • give them the chance to develop friendships to peers who speak the same language.
  • Families, children, other family members and family friends will share language specific activities in various languages.

In all Kids Language Clubs we agree on the following values:

  • We use positive language in communication with each other.
  • We support children’s creativity.
  • We focus on rich communication in the family language, but we support our children in the usage of both languages.
  • We give our children plenty of time in the development at their own rate.
  • Parents and children are equal participants in the inclusive and self driven program.  We respect each others contributions and the interests of our children.

The clubs works in a cooperative and collaborative way. All members participate according to their knowledge and skills. All family members stay on the premises and share language learning.

What age? The concept is most suitable for children between 4 and 8 years old. Children should already be able to speak the language. Younger children and babies welcome.
Who runs a session? Parents develop the program and act as language teachers on a roster basis.
Costs Participation by donation or set cost, depending on group.
Session plan Depending on age groups present a session runs for between 1 and 2.5 hours. Sessions usually include the following components:

Settling in
Fruit time for children. Tea and coffee available for parents.

Song time
The whole group sings some songs that are known in many languages.

Guessing game
We play “Guess what?” or “What is in the box?” to motivate language use.

Children share their story
We encourage the children to bring items from home to tell their own stories.

What is a Kids Language Discovery Club?

These are special Kids Language Clubs for children from bilingual families who have not been exposed to the family language yet. An adult who speaks the language native like needs to accompany the child and stay with it during the session.

If you are interested in establishing a Kids Language Discovery Club for your family language, e-mail

When do Kids Language Clubs meet?

New bilingual children are always welcome. Please check hours and locations with your language contact person.

A new language group can start working as soon when there is more than one family interested and prepared to organise the sessions in this language. The new language group needs a person to coordinate its activities. Bilingual Families Perth offers ongoing professional and best practice support for new language groups, participating parents and grandparents.

If you are interested in forming a new kids club or a Kids Discovery Club, please contact info(at)bilingualfamilies(dot)net.