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Become a Volunteer!

Become a Volunteer Language Coordinator

We are always looking for new Volunteer Language Coordinators, especially in languages not yet covered. As a Language Coordinator you will be the contact person for people who speak your language. We publish your first name and e-mail address on the internet. You would usually have children yourself or work with children as a teacher or carer. Also we woud prefer if you were a native speaker. You will have to become a member of Bilingual Families Perth and membership is free for you.

Benefits for Language Coordinators:

  • Free membership
  • Free e-mail address
  • High likelihood of meeting same language speakers
  • Group support
  • Possible webspace for language group

Contact Irma on 0466 640 455 or info(at)bilingualfamilies(dot)net.if you would like to help.

Spread the word

We want Bilingual Families Perth to grow, with the aim that more parents decide to help their children speak the family language/s. You can help by promoting our network and distributing information about our initiative and events to other bilingual families. Download our flyer from our website. Check ur last newsletter for our upcoming events.

Contribute to our newsletters

Your are also invited to write articles for our newsletter about any bilingual topics you fancy or events you want to alert people to. Reviews of past events are welcome too.

Be a role model

Not only children learn by example,  “grown-ups” too. Your family can be a role model to other families who have a family language other than English. Encourage others to teach their children the family language. Show them that this is not only possible, but also rewarding for every family member.

Come along to our events

Help making your own and our language activities a success for everyone by being cheerful and by creating an atmosphere of fun.

Share your ideas and your great stories with us. Teach the group your favourite songs and games. Give your input to our activities and help with preparations.

Support bilingual people in Your Town

If you live in a city or region where you would like to see a similar network set up you are welcome to start your own initiative Bilingual Families Your City. We will mentor your new organisation and offer to set up a page on our website to promote your new group.

Sign up for membership now.