Get involved

Get involved

You can contribute to Bilingual Families Perth in many ways, join in as a participant or become a volunteer. As we are a not for profit self-funded network of people with more than one language you will find only services available that volunteers offer or that work within the volunteer framework of sharing, helping, and learning together.

If you are on facebook, please connect via our facebook page. It holds news and all our events:

Why we need your help as volunteer

Bilingual Families Perth is an organisation of volunteers. This means: Every session of the Kids Language Clubs, each social get-together and each workshop is planned, prepared and performed with lots of enthusiasm by all those mums and dads in their spare time.

Many hands make light work. If speaking another language than English is close to your heart, you are most welcome as a volunteer to support Bilingual Families Perth! Whether you speak another language or not.

Become a member of our growing organisation and participate in Kids Language Clubs and events for reduced fees.

Are you interested in becoming a Language Coordinator?

We are constantly looking for volunteers to function as a contact person for same language speakers, a prerequisite for a new group to start. Once the group is formed it decides autonomously about structures and functions of group members. Donate as much time as you wish and the group needs. The internet allows for easy communication.

You don’t need to be a linguist as you become a volunteer. We provide training and information as required. We aim for our Language Coordinators to meet the following qualifications/conditions:

  1. Native speaker of the relevant language
  2. Parent or educator
  3. Commitment to and enthusiasm about to the maintenance of the mother tongue
  4. Publication of first name and contact details (phone and/or e-mail)
  5. Agreement to comply with Bilingual Families Perth’ strategic plan and constitution


  • Opportunity for meeting and connecting with same language speakers
  • Participation at Bilingual Families Perth events
  • Peer support from management committee and other language coordinators
  • Complimentary membership of Bilingual Families Perth

 Get involved as a Management Committee Member

We have finalised our strategic plan for 2017-2022. We want to offer workshops and social events to celebrate the use of more than one language in our families.

Download the current strategic plan here.

If you are interested in becoming a member of our vibrant Management Committee, please send an e-mail to and let us know what your special interests are, what you would like to get out of your volunteer work and what contribution you can offer.

Volunteer engagements are a brilliant way to commence your working career in Australia, allow you to build a network of people with similar interests and give opportunities to meet new people. Working towards a common goal is stimulating and you will grow as a person and as a parent.

Get involved and make friends along the journey. You will not regret this decision and your children will be grateful for your guidance and commitment to this journey — one day.